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Inclusive Leadership

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Course Overview

The ability to lead inclusively is essential for success in any organization. As a leader, your role is not only to guide and inspire your team but also to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents.

The Inclusive Leadership Course is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to embrace diversity and foster an inclusive culture within your team and organization. In this course, we will explore various aspects of inclusive leadership and provide practical strategies to implement inclusive practices in your day-to-day leadership approach.

Key Takeaways

How It Works

The course is delivered digitally in a live format with instructors and teams to support you all the way. You can expect from the course:


Full Course Length

4 Weeks


Weekly Effort

4 – 6 Hours *



100% online,

Instructor-led live classes via Zoom


Total commitment towards certification

16 – 24 hours

* Weekly Effort: 4 – 6 Hours

  • 3 hours of classroom course via Zoom
  • 3 hours of additional study/work (assignment, case studies, reflection papers)


Yes. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate.

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Course Facilitators

Course Facilitators

Chisom Udeze

Chisom Udeze


CEO of Diversify Consult, DEIBJ Strategist & Economist

Iva Ogrizovic picture

Iva Ogrizovic


People & Culture Partner at Diversify Consult

Guest Facilitators

Poornima Luthra

Dr. Poornima Luthra


Educator, DEIB Expert & Author

Chi Lee photo

Chi Lee


DEIB Consultant

And others


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16 000 NOK

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∙ TBA. If you are interested in taking this course, please submit your application below so we can connect with you once we have more details.

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Zuzana Warden (She/Her)

Inclusion & Diversity manager

Sayantani Saha (She/Her)

Inclusion & Diversity Associate

Sayantani has diverse work experience across different fields. She has worked as a copy editor in a newspaper, a buyer and merchandiser in a retail organisation and as a social media professional in various organisations back in India. At HerSpace and Diversify, she manages community events and programs, supports the organisations’ DEIB initiatives and takes care of all things social media. 

Through her broad range of experience, Sayatani is skilled in project management, marketing and social media and community development. Sayantani has a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Masters in Fashion Management.

Sarah M Przedpelska (She/Her)

Educator & Consultant

Sarah M Przedpelska is an educator and geographer, who likes feelings, people and justice. Through her research in Canada and Norway, she’s worked with and published on belonging, youth mentoring and the social limits of technology.


Currently, Sarah does research and project development with schools in Oslo, and runs a community focused consultancy called Kolekcja.

Mary Waweru (She/Her)

CEO of Crest Impact and Anti-Racism, DEI & Social Impact Consultant

Mary moved from Kenya to Finland in 2004 as a student. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

After spending 15 years working in hospitality, Mary entered the advertising space as a Global Project Manager. During this time, she dedicated her free time to meeting organisations, city officials and other immigrants with the aim of creating spaces where uncomfortable topics were allowed to progress society. She also wanted to do something about the difficulties immigrants experienced finding suitable roles in Finland. Mary has always been involved in gender advancement projects and educational non-profit organisations in both Kenya and Finland. Being Kenyan and raised with the spirit and foundation of Umoja and community, she possesses unwavering interest in social and community development and feels comfortable in advisory roles on a multinational level.

Mary is now a racial equity trainer and consultant who develops anti-racism and DEI courses for multinational organisations and individuals. She is involved in multiple partnerships and programmes through which she offers strategic guidance to organisations that want to build non-oppressive and sustainable brands. Mary is also a content creator on LinkedIn on topics such as: Anti-Blackness, Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Social Impact, Decolonisation and the underemployment of immigrants.

Chi Lee (They/Them)

DEIB Consultant

Chi Lee has a Masters Degree in Museum Studies from Harvard University.  For over two decades, they have been a freelance consultant for design/build studios working with global retail companies. Chi previously worked as a liaison and organizer for Arts for Humanity, a non-profit bringing the arts to underserved communities. They have also served as a translator for Four Seas Group, a Chinese-American non-profit increasing accessibility to the performance arts for local communities.

Emil Novák-Tót (He/Him or E/Em)

DEI Practitioner & Strategist and Founder of in it for CHANGE

Emil Novák-Tót (he/him or e/em) is a researcher and DEIB practitioner with about seven years of experience in linguistic and socio-psychological research in speech, stereotypes, charisma, power, belonging and related workplace dynamics.

He is founder and consultant at In It For Change, a Copenhagen-based consultancy helping mission-led teams to tie culture and social impact together. As a researcher, e was involved in building the theoretical foundations of Develop Diverse’s flagship inclusive writing software as well as its consulting services from its founding. He has contributed to designing, writing and delivering inclusive language workshops at universities and global companies alike. E has also been dedicated to contributing to employee-led initiatives and advising leadership on DEIB, both internally and as an external advisor at CBS.

At the dynamic and ever-changing overlaps of various marginalised and privileged identities (white, trans, immigrant, disabled, neurospicy), Emil strives to combine lived experience expertise and research in ways that are ethical and sustainable. E tries eir best to approach topics of DEIB with bias-consciousness, an open and inquisitive mindset, radical honesty, and from a place of critical sensitivity to how today’s inequalities have been shaped by a still ongoing history of violent Western colonisation.

Eir current fixation is trans liberation and why it’s one of two major prerequisites to gender equality. (The other one is anti-racism, and the short answer is “because of white supremacy”).

Thandi Dyani (She/Her)

Justice Equity Diversity & Belonging Consultant and Regional Network Organizer, Africa and The Nordics – BMW Foundation

Thandi Dyani is an independent consultant, and external Network Organizer for Africa Region & the Nordics in the Emergent Team of the BMW foundation working with Leaders to inspire responsible leadership and catalyze change aligned with the SDGs.

She is a fiercely passionate advocate for gender and racial equity and works with different organizations to foster justice, equity, diversity and belonging. Thandi loves humanizing spaces and designs strategy and programs, provides training, keynotes and awareness for those that want to start their EDB journeys.

Thandi co-initiated The UnLearning Journey for racial equity as well as the Gender Alliance, both platforms for reflection, awareness, training, leadership transformation and deep listening for a more just future. She has also been a DJ for more than 20 years and splits her time and work between the Nordics and Sub-Saharan Africa.Thandi co-initiated The UnLearning Journey for racial equity as well as the Gender Alliance, both platforms for reflection, awareness, training, leadership transformation and deep listening for a more just future. She has also been a DJ for more than 20 years and splits her time and work between the Nordics and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Rahwa Tilahun Yohaness (She/Her)

Chief editor at, activist on a break, and antirasism and anti-discrimination consultant

Rahwa is a public speaker, activist, social critic, and the founder and director of Manifold Norway. Rahwa has years of experience in community organising and bringing people with diverse backgrounds and experiences together. She practices a policy of “walking the talk” and engages with people who have lived experience in everything she does.

Rahwa is currently running a campaign about “kvitteringsordning” to promote the implementation of a policy to document all police stop and control activities. She was also one of the main organisers behind the “We Can’t Breathe” demonstration in Oslo, which mobilised 15 000 people in June 2020.

Rahwa collaborates with grassroots organisations, academics, artists, and activists in the diaspora to organise and facilitate various events, including panel discussions, educational and artistic workshops, and community gatherings. She currently works as an advisor for the Norwegian Council for Africa, a human rights and solidarity organisation working to increase knowledge about the African continent.

Dr. Poornima Luthra (She/Her)

Educator, DEIB Expert & Author

Dr. Poornima Luthra is the author of ‘Diversifying Diversity: Your guide to being an active ally of inclusion in the workplace’ and ‘The Art of Active Allyship’, the author of the HBR articles ‘Do your global teams see DEI as an American issue?’ and ‘7 ways to practice active allyship’.

She is the founder and CEO of TalentED Consultancy ApS as well as Associate Professor at the Copenhagen Business School. Poornima has spent the last fifteen years researching and teaching university courses in the field of talent management, with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion. Poornima’s work in DEI focuses on expanding the dimensions of diversity we address with an emphasis on intersectionality, empowering individuals to be active allies of inclusion and enabling inclusive leadership.

Poornima is the recipient of the Professional Women of Colour Denmark 2021 Impact award, and a finalist in the Trailblazer category of the 2022 Nordic Blaze Inclusion Awards. Most recently, Poornima been recognised as one of the world’s 30 up-and-coming thinkers whose ideas will make an important impact on management thinking in the future by Thinkers50.

Poornima has worked with and spoken at numerous Danish and International clients/ partners that include Carlsberg; Novo Nordisk; A.P. Møller Maersk; Reckitt; Accenture; KPMG Nordics; Danske Bank; FedEx; Google Denmark; Amazon Web Services; Nordea; Total; Telia; Maersk Tankers; Deloitte; Wilhelmsen; Nothvolt; Ørsted; Medicines sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders); McCormick APZ; McCormick UK; SimCorp; Visma amongst others.

Iva Ogrizovic (She/Her)

People & Culture Partner at Diversify Consult

Iva Ogrizovic is a Director at Diversify and People & Culture Partner at Diversify Consult. At Diversify Consult, Iva focuses on developing and implementing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) strategies and co-designs and delivers DEIB training and development programs.

As the Director at Diversify, she co-creates and manages many of its initiatives including, but not limited to, The Blaze Inclusion Award, The Annual Gala, various Mentorship Programs and Entrepreneurial Incubators and Accelerators. Her passion lies in fostering professional and personal development as well as empowering individuals to use their potential for transformative growth.

Chisom Udeze (She/Her)

CEO of Diversify Consult, DEIBJ Strategist & Economist

Chisom is a dynamic force in the professional world, making a profound impact through her multifaceted roles.

An Economist, Strategist, Investor and Founder, Chisom leads with vision and precision. She is at the helm of several impact-driven companies, setting and implementing strategic visions that foster positive change and drive exceptional growth. With nearly two decades of leadership experience in critical business roles, she has a proven track record of spearheading organizational transformation, boosting revenue, and achieving sustainable impact.

Chisom excels in building robust relationships with diverse stakeholders, thrives on data analysis, and is deeply invested in exploring the intricate relationships between human behavior, societal culture, resources, technology, and economic outputs. She has a remarkable ability to demystify complex systems, interpret data, forecast socio-cultural and economic trends, and seamlessly integrate research with practice.

Having lived and worked in seven countries across three continents, Chisom delivers impactful solutions to a global clientele. Her expertise is sought after by prestigious institutions such as the European Commission, the United Nations, ExxonMobil, The Economist Group, and Boston Consulting Group. She offers top-tier consulting services across various sectors, including maritime, energy, governance, finance, investment, manufacturing, public policy, and human resources.

As the founder of Diversify, Diversify Consult, and HerSpace, Chisom and her team operate at the intersection of democracy, sustainability, justice, belonging, productivity and research. They collaborate with companies, institutions, governments, and NGOs to craft sustainable strategies and embed data-driven initiatives in workplaces and communities. In 2022, they launched the Diversify Nordics Summit, the premier conference for leadership, innovation, and sustainable change in the Nordics and Europe, attracting leaders and professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds.

HerSpace, established in 2020, is an inclusive co-creation community for all genders, with a focus on women and non-binary individuals. In 2022, Chisom introduced HerTech, a six-month incubator dedicated to supporting and investing in underestimated women and non-binary founders of tech-enabled businesses.

A thought leader in economics, leadership, entrepreneurship, resource allocation, workplace productivity, inclusion, and belonging, Chisom is also a passionate advocate for mental health and well-being. She enjoys tennis, sunny days, reading and writing. Some of her works have been published on Forbes.

Ieman Mona El-Mowafi (She/Her)

Senior Consultant, System Thinking Practitioner and Researcher

Ieman Mona El-Mowafi is a population health scholar, activist and organizer with a strong focus on humanitarian and development settings. She received her MSc from the University of Ottawa and as an Egyptian-Norwegian-Canadian researcher, she has worked to forge relationships and initiate systemic change among Black and racialized students in Canada. In collaboration with leading activists in Canada, she has supported a number of anti-racism initiatives on University campuses, including stakeholder mobilization and evaluations of institutional diversity and inclusion policies.

She founded NorImpact, an organization dedicated working with organizations to implement and evaluate programs and execute sustainable action plans to address system level gaps through effective monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, and evidence-based recommendations. Her research interests center on communities’ dignity, wellness, and self-determination in order to effectively and ethically further social justice.

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