Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging & Justice (DEIBJ)

Transformative and sustainable solutions for people, leaders, management and organizations through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Using our tailored-approach, we partner with our clients to develop, streamline, integrate and measure strategies that lead to measurable and lasting growth. At Diversify Consult, we believe in the “come as you are” philosophy and in our DEIBJ work, we employ the methodology of “meeting people where they are.” Using this approach, we collaborate closely with your organization to cultivate the most effective and sustainable.

We offer end to end DEIB strategy development and work closely with executives, leaders, HR management and diversity boards to develop strategies that focus on inclusion and developing cultural competence at all levels of the organization. We believe that a sustainable DEI strategy requires a long-term view and incorporates top-down, bottom-up and people-centered approach.

Our 4I model engages all stakeholders, identifies measures to evaluate current and future programs, implementing DEI initiative and integrating the strategy into existing business processes.


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Ieman Mona El-Mowafi (She/Her)

Senior Consultant, System Thinking Practitioner and Researcher

Ieman Mona El-Mowafi is a population health scholar, activist and organizer with a strong focus on humanitarian and development settings. She received her MSc from the University of Ottawa and as an Egyptian-Norwegian-Canadian researcher, she has worked to forge relationships and initiate systemic change among Black and racialized students in Canada. In collaboration with leading activists in Canada, she has supported a number of anti-racism initiatives on University campuses, including stakeholder mobilization and evaluations of institutional diversity and inclusion policies.

She founded NorImpact, an organization dedicated working with organizations to implement and evaluate programs and execute sustainable action plans to address system level gaps through effective monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, and evidence-based recommendations. Her research interests center on communities’ dignity, wellness, and self-determination in order to effectively and ethically further social justice.

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